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Whole Beef

Whole Beef

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Whole Beef

One whole beef is 1200-1400 lbs live weight! But what does that mean for you the consumer?

How much beef should I expect from a whole cow?

One whole beef with standard cut and wrap instructions will leave you with over 450 lbs of beef.


What Kind of Freezer Space do I Need?


How Much of Each Cut to Expect From a Whole Beef:


Ground Beef - 247 lbs

Strip Loin - 16.4 lbs

Bottom Round - 19.7 lbs

Chuck Tender - 4.9 lbs

Eye of Round - 6.5 lbs

Filet Mignon - 7.9 lbs

Ribeye Steak - 18.6 lbs

Hanging Tender - 1.9 lbs

Flap Meat - 7.5 lbs

Flank Steak - 3.6 lbs

Top Round - 21.2 lbs

Top Sirloin - 18 lbs

Tri Tip - 5.2 lbs

Brisket - 14.6 lbs

Flat Iron - 7.8 lbs

Short Ribs - 11 lbs

Back Ribs - 10.6 lbs

Stew Meat - 53.6 lbs


Wow! That is a lot of beef!


Not sure how to cook some of those?

Find Great Recipes Your Family will Love for Every Cut!


Is a Whole Beef Too much for your family?

Half Beef

Quarter Beef


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Care Instructions

Serve Chilled

Store Below Room Temperature or in the Fridge When Possible

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